Brand Testimonials

At ELO, our patients are our largest stakeholders.

Dan Davis, Massachusetts

"When I first tried ELO I quickly learned that this was a product everybody should have. It has been a mission of mine to show and share this craft with people that also appreciate top quality.
I like to think that here on the East Coast we have good flower and hash. However, here at ELO we are witnessing the best flower and hash on the East Coast and maybe even the entire country. With amazing genetics combined with their heavily skilled cultivation team, their single-source hash is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
The people behind ELO are 100%. They are as genuine as their product and very interactive with their patients the way it should be. Too many brands now focus less on their supporters and it shows in the end product as a result. They are always adding new world class genetics to the lineup and are constantly trying to find the best phenotypes. I advise you to get your hands on Emerald Leaf Organics. Amazing product and amazing people.”


Emma Hollywood, New Jersey

"Since making the switch to only medicating with ELO, I have benefited immensely. After being prescribed Xanax for my anxiety for over three years, finding this company was more than a relief for me. I was almost immediately able to stop taking Xanax once I began medicating with ELO products. This team makes the time to research not only the strains they are producing, but how they cultivate them. It is clear that this is a company that prioritizes patient health, by providing the highest quality selection of natural medication.”


Charles Chito, Connecticut

“I’m writing today to say how much ELO’s medicine has helped me since I discovered them. They are top quality products at a fair price and are pretty much the only products I can consume if I can help it. The taste and potency are second to none, and the medical relief lasts longer compared to other medicine of the same weight because of this. The family at ELO always puts in hard work and dedication and it shows in their flower and hash as well. Whenever I have questions or concerns ELO is quick to respond as thoroughly as possible, which is just as important as having quality medicine. Now that I have found ELO, I cherish them and will continue to medicate with their products. They help me tremendously and I am deeply thankful to them for their dedication and hard work.”


Christopher Michalik, Rhode Island

“The best way to describe ELO is that it is probably some of the best concentrates and flower you can get in the New England area. I’ve been a medical patent since I was 16 years old and I can tell you after traveling back and forth from Santa Cruz to Rhode Island that this is my favorite cannabis. Grown perfectly and with a wide variety of strains, their medicine has helped me so much with insomnia. It has helped me get the best sleep I’ve ever had.”


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