ELO Update / December 2019

Hi everyone! This is Alex from ELO and this is our first ever blog post. The idea for these blog posts came about because we wanted to create a way to connect with our patients on a more personal basis and keep them updated and informed on everything ELO. We will mainly use these blogs to give our patients first access to new ELO information, strains, products, and product releases as well as keep everyone updated on cannabis news and events both within and outside of Rhode Island. So let’s dive right in! 

New Flower Room - 

We have been tediously working through permitting, build-out, and finishing up our new flower room in our Rhode Island facility. This new room will allow us to not only increase our production size and supply products more consistently to all the Compassion Centers of Rhode Island, but it gives us the breathing room to try new things (like a brand new pheno-hunt!). We always strive to continually better ourselves, our products, and our company so our new room is an updated version of our past flower room design. As you can see from the pictures below, our new room is similar to our older room’s configuration but has some newly added technologies and better space utilization. We have continued with our tradition of completely sealing our rooms in epoxy everything: thick epoxy flooring that runs up the wall and layer upon layer of epoxy paint on the walls and ceiling. This allows us to completely clean our flower rooms in between rounds and make sure that no outside contaminants can make there way in. Our HVAC, dehumidification and air filtration systems have all been upgraded in this new room and we are now using Fluence’s newest VYPR, the 2P! What you don’t see in the picture are all of our floor and wall fans as well as our rolling benches so as soon as they are installed we will be posting more pictures on our Instagram (@elorganics2). 

Bring back UNI! - 

We have heard loud and clear that everyone loves our Unicorn Cookies (Poop) so we are bringing it back! A little background on the strain itself: it was created by Thug Pug Genetics (@gromerjuana) and was an extremely limited friends and family pack when we received it. The genetics cross on Unicorn Cookies is GMO x Sophisticated Lady and our most recent run of it definitely leans towards the GMO funk that we have all come to love. This run was very limited so we will most likely only do one drop of flower at one Compassion Center until we run it again in a future round. 

Dre’s (@ohdre4) notes on UNI: 

  • The grow - Very interesting plant to grow, needs a lot of physical support 
  • The plant - Very greasy plant which comes from its trichome production and terpene profile
  • The profile - GMO terpene profile plus sweet funky aromas
  • The finished flower - very dense, very funky, super trichy, wet to the touch, effects are perfect because it uplifts the mind but slows the body

Our New Pheno-Hunt - 

While we have not announced this formally (I guess this is our first formal announcement), we have begun our newest pheno-hunt of over 35 new strains! The entire team is extremely excited to be able to hunt through and bring new strains with new profiles to patients. While this is the early stages of our hunt, we hope to find tons of new flavors that we currently do not have. This pheno-hunt consists of strains bred by a lot of breeders across the US including People Under the Stairs Genetics, Bloom Seed Co, Thug Pug Genetics, Alien Genetics, Pacific Northwest Roots, 808Genetics, Fresh Coast Seed Co, Doc D Seeds, Monchu Gardens, Wave Genetics, Exotic Genetics, Skunkdog Maui, Oni Seed Co, and ELO’s in-house bred strains by Dre! This is our biggest pheno-hunt ever and we are very excited to see what we find! Follow the progress on our Instagram @elorganics2 and @ohdre4. We will begin posting much more consistently on both accounts. 

Some of the strains we are hunting have not been named yet so we will have the pleasure of naming them alongside our patients! We will post polls on our Instagram so that you can help us name these new strains!

Some of the strains we are most excited for (even though we are excited for them all):

  • Juiceman (we’re finally pheno-hunting it again!!)
  • Meat Madness
  • Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream
  • Frost Donkey
  • Kayas Coffee
  • I95 #1 BX (+ a bunch of other I95 crosses)
  • Alien Apple Warp

This is the end of our first ever blog post. I hope you enjoyed learning about what’s up and coming from the ELO crew! We are extremely excited to continue educating and updating all of our patients through these blogs and our new website! 

P.S. - If you made it this far here’s some insider info: December VIP Solventless Menu is looking like Papaya Cake, Gorilla Butter, and Peach Milano.